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The first step to getting in the best shape of your life starts with an email or a phone call. Contact us to schedule your free 1 hour consultation. During this time, we will introduce you to the concepts and methodology of CrossFit. We will discuss your goals, your previous training, and your nutrition. You will also be put through an assessment workout that we like to call "The Baseline WOD". Now don't be scared, its very simple, painless, and we will scale to your ability. We just need to document and assess your current physical condition. This will also give you a small taste of what some of our workouts are like. Later on, when you are progressing, we will go back and visit this workout again to see how much you've improved. At the end of the consultation you should have a pretty good idea of what CrossFit is about. Once you decide that your ready to take the next step, we will discuss the schedule and membership plan thats right for you. Thats it. Too Easy.

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