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Personal Training

You have found the Best Personal Training in Clearwater, St. Petersburg.We Understand that things happen in life that get in the way of your Health and Fitness Goals. Everyone is unique and different in many ways. Everyone has different goals from weight loss to gaining strength and size. If you have specific concerns such as previous injury or you would simply prefer to start slow, in a 1 on 1 setting, then our custom tailored PT Program may be a good starting point.

Our PT program uses the CrossFit Methodology with a custom approach. We will help you overcome any areas of concern or deficiencies, Optimize your strengths, and improve upon your weaknesses. During your PT Consultation we will discuss your goals, assess your condition, set a baseline, and establish a custom tailored Personal Training program designed to develop a solid foundation allowing you progress into our other programs later on.

Our Approach:

Step 1. NUTRITION. This is the foundation that our program is built on. We believe that without proper nutrition, you can not reach your full metabolic and physical potential. We will give you a prescription for success, Provide you with the resources, and coach you through the transformation. Our Nutritional Prescription is actually quite simple and does not require you to diet, weigh, portion, or count calories and carbs. We think you'll be quite surprised how easy it really is.

Step 2. MOBILITY. Sometimes lack of mobility is not necessarily because were just not flexible and we need to stretch more. A lot of the time its because of a tightness or bond between the fascia and the muscle. Through our Mobility techniques and training, we will get you moving again. We will teach you the proper way to move and how to avoid injury. you will gain range of motion that you didn't think you even had.

Step 3. STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE. Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term "Strong Core"? Let me guess....Abs right? Wrong! thats just 1 part of your core. When we refer to a strong core we actually mean your Glutes, Hamstrings, Hip Flexors, Lower Back, and then yes your Abs.

Step 4. CARDIO AND ENDURANCE. Even if your not running from Zombies, Cardio is very important. Working on both your Aerobic and Anaerobic capacity has impact on your overall health and not just your fitness level.

Step 5. TIME TO STEP IT UP. By this point you should be ready to progress into our other programs and begin setting personal records.



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